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mms drops - miracle medicine

Dose MMS drops to address pathogens in a "healthy" individuals and patients with minor health problems for an adult of average weight 75 kg, 15 drops of MMS a day. However, in the majority of patients due to liver damage or other patho-physiological changes will come in nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, so it is recommended to move from smaller doses, to avoid this. Begins with one to two drops of MMS solution two times a day, and the dosage increases each time until it reaches the 15 drops daily.

mms drops protokol

If you take MMS, this is your responsibility!
MMS is admitted not to the treatment of illnesses, but merely to the disinfection of drinking water.
If you decide to take MMS, begin basically with only one drop of MMS; best of all in the evening before go to bed.
Take if possibly the MMS till 5 minutes before the meals, or 2 hours after the meal. If you take MMS and your stomach is filled, the effect clearly decreases. Vitamin C and other (vitamin A, E, C, zinc, selenium, Juice plus, etc. ) reduce the effect of the MMS drastically.

  • Give the MMS in a clean glass.
  • The mixing proportion depends on your "Activator":
  • 50-percent wine stone acid: For every drop of MMS you add 1 drop "Activator" (50% of wine stone acid).
  • 10-percent citric acid: For every drop of MMS you add 5 drops "Activator" (10% of citric acid).
  • Swing the glass briefly and let both substances have an effect for 3 minutes.
  • Afterwards you fill the glass with water and drink it quickly. Children and sensitive people can take because of the "chlorine smell" instead of waters also bananas or apricots juice.
  • If you had no strong reactions (feeling of sickness, failure on a drop of MMS), you take on the second day in the morning and in the evening 2 drops (with 2 resp. 10 drops Activator).
  • Hold this dose for 3 days and observe your reactions.

If you had no strong reactions, raise the dose then on 3 drops in the morning and in the evening with the suitable amount of Activator.
Hold this dose for 3 days. If you had no strong reactions, raise the dose all 3 days by another drop, until you have arrived to 6 drops. This dose from 2-paint daily 6 drops (with 6 resp. 30 drops Activator) you hold for 3 weeks.
If at any place feeling of sickness, failures or a strong aversion should appear, put out the taking for one day and decrease to the dose before the appearance of the reactions. You hold this dose then for 3 weeks.
At the latest after 5 weeks of taking you should take a break of 2-3 weeks, so that your body can recover from the oxidative stress. Take this time fresh fruit and an acceptable amount of raw vegetarian food to yourselves. Also all vitamin preparations are permitted in this phase again.
Particularly proves itself after mms cure, to the construction of the intestinal flora and to the regeneration of the metabolism.
If you have problems in the oral area, you attached 6 drops of MMS with 6 drops Activator in a glass. Fill after three minutes 1-2dl waters and rinse mouth approx. during 1 minute with it. Afterwards you can spit out the MMS. Repeat this as long as, until itself your problem has repaired. Make this, if necessary, after every meal.
With skin problems it has proved itself to give 20 drops of MMS and 20 drops (or 100) Activator in a spray bottle with water (approx. 60ml) and put on the affected skin place several times daily.

mms protocol

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